Estampaciones Sabadell was funded in 1965 by D.Jaume Bonet Presegué in a little workshop (about 2.500 m²) in a town called Sabadell, industrial center in the area of Barcelona.

In 1977 moved to the warehouses, where nowadays is the firts phase of the productive unit of the plant in Polinya, making it bigger til it reached 29.300 m².

In 1992 and coinciding with the change of responsable because of succession in the company’s management, that now owns D. Jaume Bonet Balaguer, a new plant that nowadays represents the most advanced regarding stamping and assambly in Europe is adquired; moreover, it is the main head office of the holding created in 1996 and that under the name of Grupo Estampaciones Sabadell reached more than 61.000 m² for production.

The expansion in the European market was reached when the opening in 2000 of a new plant in the Czech Republic, with 13.000 m².

During this 40 of activity it has become one of the most important company in the stamping’s world, including developing enginering.

All of this has been posible thanks to the effort of more of 1000 people working for Grupo Estampaciones Sabadell.

  • I+DDetect the opportunities, select the alternatives and negotiate the process’s improvement.
  • Die stampingDevelop and produce stamping diez, ensuring the highest quality and productivity.
  • StampingSpecialists in stamping components for the motor industry.
  • WeldingSpecialist for welding applications for little and big sets in MIG/MAG.